ICS weapons

ICS is a taiwan-based airsoft company and it is one of the oldest 3 AEG manufacturers all over the world. In fact, they are the first manufacturer of AEG in Taiwan. ICS guns are made up of high-quality metal that is durable and more reliable. ICS always strives to make innovative airsoft guns. Their guns feature original trademarks and split gearboxes, which make it infinitely easier to modify, upgrade, or replace parts.ICS brings a best seller of ICS mc-201 electric drum magazine-bk (incl. Cs4 magazine adaptor)

Because of the quality and reliability of products, users of ics airsoft prefers to continue using ICS airsoft as you can’t mix and match parts and accessories with other guns. In fact, ics is a very famous AEG manufacturer in Taiwan that have trust of millions of veteran players and stores all over the world.

In fact, ics products are budget friendly that have been already sold to 58 different countries worldwide. Moreover, ICS provides the best service and various product choices to all airsoft players around the world.

Ultimate Gear, the owner of the COBRA brand is distributor of ICS and is now doing a pre-order sale. Please follow the links below for prices and more info:

Tomahawk Sniper

AEG Rifles