The different parts of the American army

What is the American military? In plain terms, the American army consists of six different branches of the military: the Air Force, the US army, the US Coast Guard, the US Marine Corps, the US Navy, and recently, the US Space Force.

In the United States, there are generally about three different categories of people in the US military. They are people who are inactive duty (that is full-time sailors and soldiers), Guard, and Reserve forces (they typically work as civilians, but they can be called on a full-time basis to perform military duties). The retirees and veterans (they are previously active members of the US military) are the third category.

Who leads the 6 Military departments of the United States?

Primarily, the President of the United States is the leader of the US Military. As the Commander in Chief, he is solely in charge of making every final decision. However, the Secretary of the Defence Department controls the military as well as every branch except the US Coast Guard. The Homeland Security Department is managing the Coast Guard. Employing more than 2 million employees that are either civilian or military, the US DoD is currently the largest company in the world.

What are the different branches in the US Military?

Every single branch within the US military has and performs a unique function within the strategy of the overall mission of the US in securing lives, property, and maintaining peace. As an addition to the six various departments of the US Military, the US army, as well as the US Air National Guards, specifically serve their unique special functions. 

The US Air Force

The Air Force is the country’s primary source of Air and space aerial power. They contribute to the fight for security and peace by providing aerial support through power and force. The primary function of the US Air Force is basically to provide aerial support by way of helicopters, planes, drones, and satellites.

Development of the Bird of Prey began in 1992 by McDonnell Douglas's Phantom Works division for special projects, at Area 51. The aircraft's name is a reference to the Klingon Bird of Prey warship from the Star Trek television series.

The US National Guard

The US Air National Guard for what it is known as today is a different reserve department of the US Air Force.

The US Army

The US Army are dominant sources of power and force of the country on land. The way that the US Army operates is to get into a region, get the part secured, instill order as well as values before leaving the area. The US Army also safeguards several US installations as well as properties all across the world.

The 82nd Airborne Division is an airborne infantry division of the United States Army, specializing in parachute assault operations into denied areas.

The Army National Guard

This branch of the military is an exclusive collection of individual warriors that devote a particular time to serve their country. Every American state has its own Guard, as the US constitution requires it. The Army National Guard is the only military branch that is mandated by the US Constitution.

The US Marine Corps

They are typically referred to as the rapid-reaction power force of the US. They are exclusively trained to fight both on land and in the sea. They generally are the first branch of the military to be called in times of security threat. They are typically regarded as the fiercest warriors on the planet.

The US Navy

The US Navy performs all its missions basically on the sea. It also operates on land and in the Air. The Navy protects and secures the seas and oceans across the planet to foster peace and last-longing stability. They make the seas secure and safe for international trade and travel.

The US Space Force

This is the most recent branch of the US military. It was signed into US law this past December in 2019. This sixth department of the US military is currently in development. The functions and responsibilities of the department are still being developed.

How do all these parts of the US military relate to one another?

The entire parts of the US military relate to each other by providing support from their areas of specialization. They are all related in terms of mission and general strategy of the US: To promote lasting peace and stability both in the US and across the world.

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