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Anytime that people think about a great selection of fierce and competent warriors, the United States Navy SEALS springs quickly to mind. The SEAL in Navy SEAL stands for Sea, Air, and Land. This primarily means that the group of fighters can go anywhere that their services are promptly needed to complete specific tasks. The US Navy SEALS have actively taken part in several conflicts across the world ever since the Second World War. It is safe to say that the SEAL has a rather long and decorated history. 

The founding of the Navy SEALS

The US SEAL was founded on January 1st, 1962, by the then president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. The organization was primarily established to perform little units of important operation combats in the maritime, artic, urban, jungle, desert, and mountainous environments. The primary functions of the Navy SEALs are basically surveilling, capturing, or rapidly killing of targets that are labeled high priority.  The Navy SEAL also gather intelligence about enemies, their locations as well as activities of the enemies for the future military planning and execution.

Training to become a Navy SEAL

Before you can get accepted into the Basic SEAL training, any prospective candidate has to pass several numbers of both physical and mental requirements. The tests involve a series of IQ tests, knowledge-based tests as well as physical fitness tests. The training for becoming a SEAL is not an easy one as the training routines are incredibly rigorous. A typical candidate for a career in the Navy SEALs means that you can spend up to one year performing a series of regular training routines before you are finally rewarded with a SEAL badge. A typically Navy SEAL training routine looks this way:

•    Eight weeks long of Naval Recruit soldier training

•    Eight weeks long of Naval Special SEAL Warfare Preparation School

•    24 week-long of Basic Training Underwater Demolition/ SEAL Training

•    Five week-long of Parachute Training Jump School

•    26-week long SEAL Qualification Training (ST).

Navy SEAL tactical gear

Pretty much like every other seasoned professional in their respective fields, SEALS work successfully only if they are given the proper tools. Their vehicles, weapons as well as their tactical gears are capable of helping the SEALS perform their tasks and missions. These tools also help the SEALS not to get killed from their missions.

The Navy SEALS typically require different clothing for various temperatures. For instance, if they have to swim to a given shore to perform any mission, they would need a tactical gear that can withstand harsh cold temperatures. Then they are given specific unique clothing during cold weather to prevent heat loss like radiation and evaporation. Their gears have unique layering and air-ventilation to enable cooling and help avoid perspiration.

The weapons of the Navy SEAL

When it comes to weapons that are used by the Navy SEALS, include a 9mm SIG as well as an MK23 45-caliber assault handgun. This handgun typically begins with an automatic suppressor as well as modules for laser aiming. The Navy SEAL practically makes use of rifles like the carbine automatic rifle M4A1 5.56mm as well as the AK 47. Other weapons used by the Navy SEALs include machine guns (M2HB and MK43), shotguns, and the HK MP59mm submachine assault gun series, among others. They also have grenade launchers, anti-tank AT4 rockets, and mortars. The SEALs are expected to select any weapon that will make their missions successful.

Naval Special Warfare Groups

Naval Special Warfare Command is organized into the following configuration:
  • Naval Special Warfare Group 1: SEAL Teams 1, 3, 5, 7
  • Naval Special Warfare Group 2: SEAL Teams 2, 4, 8, 10
  • Naval Special Warfare Group 3: SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team 1, SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team 2
  • Naval Special Warfare Group 4: Special Boat Teams 12, 20, 22
  • Naval Special Warfare Group 10: NSW Support Activity One, NSW Support Activity Two, Mission Support Center 
  • Naval Special Warfare Group 11: SEAL Teams 17, 18 (formerly Operational Support Teams 1, 2)
  • Naval Special Warfare Development Group: Assigned operationally to JSOC (formerly SEAL Team 6)
The total number of personnel, including SEALs and SWCCs assigned to Naval Special Warfare Command is approximately 8,195 out of a total 8,985 military staff, and 10,166 including civilian support staff.

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