Hand grenades in airsoft

Hand grenades are one of the best accessories you can have in airsoft. They’re a perfect combination with other weapons for an effective attack. Airsoft as a sport is not as easy as a lot of people think it is. Airsoft battles are usually won with tactics and close combat which makes the hand grenades in airsoft especially important. However, not all hand grenades were created equal, some of them have different functions and effects that were meant for a specific purpose. Therefore, it’s important to identify the different grenades you can use for your next battle. 

What you should consider before picking a hand grenade?

There are many things to consider when picking a grenade such as weight, range, durability, function, and the general type. Let’s first start with range and weight. The range can be determined by weight, a good grenade should hit the target without fail, it also should be lightweight enough to be carried, but also heavy enough to have control of it. 

Another factor is reliability, the hand grenade should not be secure. Many times, the cheap and unreliable grenades can go off in your hand and sometimes don’t do what they’re supposed to do when they’re launched. Therefore, make sure you’ve already tested your grenades before so you can know what type to stock up on. 

The last important thing to consider before picking a hand grande for airsoft is the type. There are many grande types and some can do more than one or two functions. Some shoot pellets, disperse smokescreen, bb shower, decorative, smoke, flashbang, some make loud noises and there are grenades that combine all these features. Overall, the goal is not to pick the most powerful grande ever created, but to pick a grenade type that works best with your offensive style.

Airsoft Grenades


This is one of the most common types of hand grenades because it’s very effective at what it does. It’s usually a must-have for any battle because it always overwhelms the opponents at a lot of ranges. It’s also very secure and can be used by any player of any level. Once this type of grande goes off, your opponents will know that they should take cover. Most of the times these type of grenades spread out something of 200 à300 bb's in a area of about 10 meters. When you throw this in a small chamber or narrow passage of an old fort any airsoft player will have to shout "hit". A nice Do It Yourself project is that of the "Poor Man's Thunder" at youtube. He makes hand grenades from vinegar and baking soda.

Smoke grenades:

The smoke grenade is a perfect tool when you want to blind your airsoft opponent during a skirm. Before clering a room, throw in a smoke grenade and it will provide cover, create confusion, blind your opponent and offer shelter. The reason is that one airsoft player can both throw the smoke grenades while taking aim. You can buy them in multiple colors. 

And a nice side effect, they provide super visual effect for a photoshoot. See below some pictures taken from arisoft players. Original credits staty with Inzzen and Airsoft_tiger_gun.


Airsoft Flashbang: 

You should always have a flashbang grenade for distracting your opponents. There are different mechanisms for each style, but the traditional flashbang grande will make a very loud explosion with a flash. This usually distracts opponents and it gives you a chance to take cover or take aim for your next shot. We see some nice projects in the creation to simulate a flashbang grenade for airsoft by the use of led lights. But this hase some challenges. We need to make sure the led cells aren't shattered when hitting the ground and we need to produce some big intense light flashes. These need to be of 1000 or more Lumens and LED cells that are able to produce them are very expensive for the moment. One airsoft flashbang grenade with a lot of potential is the T238.

(Real) Inert or Dummy Grenades

The airsoft flashbang grenade, the bbshower and the smoke grenade are all grenades that work. But what if you only wanted to add a grenade to your tactical vest. It doesn't need to work, just look pretty. 2 possible solutions are available for you, namely the dummy airsoft grenade and real grenades that are made inert.


Many models are avaible but the most common ones are:

  • The Mk 2 grenade (initially known as the Mk II) is a fragmentation type anti-personnel hand grenade introduced by the U.S. armed forces in 1918.
  • The M26 is a fragmentation grenade developed by the United States military. It entered service around 1952 and was used in combat during the Korean War. 
  • The MK13 Mod 0 BTV-EL Sound & Flash grenade is a high performance stun grenade that offers several unique safety features. The MK13 produces blinding flash and deafening noise levels sufficient to daze and disorient onlookers, while still falling just under the threshold of inducing permanent injury.

The advantage that comes with these airsoft dummy grenades is that they are light to carry around and sometimes can be used as a bb container. Easy to fast reload your AEG or GBB pistol.

Inert or deactived grenades:

Every grenade or flashbang ever made is available in a inert condition. An really deactived grenade that has seen active service has also that patina of an already used object. ANd you can trully recreate every period, country, army in time. You have WWI and WWI German, US, European hand grenades.
Less can be the weight, an Russian F1 grenade weighs empty about 600grams. That is not much but if you add 2 to your vest and walk around it all day, you will start to feel them. Also, real stuff isn't cheap. A inert grenade may set you easily back 50 euro or more.


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