23 Safety & Etiquette Airsoft Playing Tips

Airsoft guns are a popular item for people of all ages. If you have an airsoft gun, one of the things you want to do is make sure you’re and the other players being safe while you’re playing. Some airsoft playing fields have rules written down you need to follow but there are also some unwritten rules that are called Field etiquette. These are supposed to be known and follow by the players of the skirm and are just good fellowmen ship. Below are 23 tips that you can use to keep yourself and your teammates safe while you’re on the field. 

  1. First off all, follow the rules of your local playing field. They are created for a reason and follow them! No exceptions.
  2. Finger trigger safety: never place your finger on the trigger if you are not ready to aim and fire at something.
  3. Always wear protective safety eye goggles or a face mask. For safety goggles it is important that they are compliant to safety requirements. These eye protection glasses must have passed the ANSI Z80.3 'drop ball test', at a temperature of -10°C to 42°C, resulting in an impact resistant of at least 420FPS (with an effective distance of 5m). 

  4. Compliant to safety requirements, these eye protection glasses have passed the ANSI Z80.3 'drop ball test', at a temperature of -10°C to 42°C, resulting in an impact resistant of at least 420FPS (with an effective distance of 5m). 
  5. Magazine not loaded: never put a magazine into the weapon when you are not at the playing field. This way you never can accidently shoot a fellow player. Don’t load your gun until you’re out on the playing field and everyone’s got their eye protection on before loading on gun. When you’re leaving your field, even for just a minute, eject your magazine and then fire a few shots into the ground so your gun is cleared.
  6. Do never shoot at animals. Never ever shoot at an animal. They have never done anything wrong to you, so don’t do anything wrong to them.
  7. Just Point at What You’re Planning to Shoot: This way you will never hit somebody by mishap. Or even worse send some friendly fire to a team mate.
  8. Don’t Trust Your Safety: there are a few safety systems in airsoft guns that are both electrical and mechanical for preventing you from accidentally firing. But they’re not foolproof. 
  9. Always treat the gun if it’s loaded, just like a real gun. If you ever have the option to shoot a real gun, this action will come to you by nature and will help you a lot. Your range officer will instantly like you.
  10. Be Certain of Targets & Beyond: This is very important when it comes to gun safety. Make sure you’re identifying what’s beyond the target each time you fire. This is going to prevent all friendly fire and let you have better awareness on the battlefield. After all, you don’t want to accidentally hit one of your teammates.
  11. Use Quality BBS: When you are using cheap BBS, they often shatter upon impact. This can cause shrapnel to fly all over the place. Using the higher quality BBS will be safer for your teammates, your gun and you. Check out our range of bbs at the following url.
  12. Be Cautious If Your Gun’s Not Firing: If your gun doesn’t function the way it should and it can’t’ be corrected in the game, unload your magazine, try clearing your gun or unplugging its battery and use another weapon. If there aren’t any other weapons, help your team by doing recon and spotting. Once the game is over, then you can do some repairs somewhere it’s safe.
  13. Don’t be a cheater: If you are hit, be a real man and admit to the hit. Put your ego aside, raise your hand and go to the safety zone. Check out this movie of an airsoft cheater. He didn’t want to accept his hit so a sniper shot him in the lower parts. Read the full blog post or watch the youTube scene here.

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  14. Never point at the face of at the lower parts: You have plenty enough woman and men to hit. You have the chest, the legs, arms. Never aim at the face of a fellow airsoft player. There are enough movies around showing what can happen. And imaging to have to go to work on money explaining the stitches in the face came from a bb.

  15. Never change the bb’s after the fps test. Some people have their weapon tested with 0.20g or 0.25g bbs. And after the test change them to another weight to gain the advantage of a longer shooting distance. This is cheating all the way.
  16. Respect the minimum shooting distance. If you shoot from to close, bb’s can really hurt. Follow the guidance from the table below:
     Fps of... - Minimum shooting distance:
     121 - 140 m/s – 10 m;
     141 – 170 m/s – 20 m;
     171 – 200 m/s – 30 m;
  17. In some fields they use the Bang rule. The Bang Rule is an option you can take if you find yourself in a situation where you have to take a shot at an opposing player who is within point blank range (3 meters or less) to avert inflicting potential injuries.
  18. Airsoft grenades, bb showers and flashbang grenades can be forbidden on the airsoft playing field. This has most of the times a good reason. In some countries they are simply just forbidden. It is Illegal to posses and use them. But some playing field have conditions where the use of them is very dangerous. Think on small rooms or corridors in an old fort.
  19. Do not make a scene: If you are hit are you can’t understand why a rule is in place, accept it. Everybody there just wants to have a good day playing airsoft and isn’t looking for some hot headed fool that wants to pick a fight.
  20. Never arrive dressed in military clothing. This is forbidden by most legislation, can put the organization of the local playing field in a bad daylight and gives a sense of a para military gathering. 
  21. Do not wear real military insignia, emblems or rankings. This is also forbidden and real service men and women don’t like this. It also shows disrespect to them as they worked their asses of to earn them. Also, never wear anything with a reference to the Nazi regime.
  22. Always correctly transport you airsoft weapons in gun bags to the airsoft playing field. In most countries this is even obligated by law.
  23. Never put your gas cylinders in front of a heating source and always cover them to protect them from the sun. It wouldn’t be the first fire that has started like that.

These are 23 tips that you want to remember when you are participating in airsoft events. If you are practicing good safety and etiquette procedures, you are going to keep yourself and your teammates safe.

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