14 tips on buying an Airsoft Gun

Airsoft guns are a very popular option among people who want to play with a realistic and genuine gun.  It suits the needs of people who are looking to train themselves in the use of firearms. Their prices are equally popular but if you want to save money then why not buy a used Airsoft gun? The fact is that when you start out with an Airsoft gun you can end up spending a lot of money and upgrading the Airsoft gun is also a costly proposition. Also, keep in mind that an Airsoft gun that looks and feels very realistic is going to set you back a lot of money. The good news is that there are plenty of Airsoft enthusiasts that are ready to sell you their used Airsoft guns. This is good news for those who are looking to buy a used Airsoft gun. Here is what you need to know about buying used Airsoft guns.

What are the things to consider when you are looking for your first airsoft gun on the used market?

1. Quality lasts longer:

if the airsoft weapon was of thinkable quality to start with, you will never have a solid long-lasting tool at your side. When shopping for AEG airsoft guns, keep in mind that they are made from plastic that is not of a very good quality. So, expect them to break easily. And, it is also not so easy to buy magazines. To get more value, opt for Airsoft guns that have metal gearboxes as these last longer and the internals are designed to shoot fast and hard.

2. Try before you buy:

Remember that Airsoft guns are not just for kids. They are also ideal for adults. However, before you buy a used Airsoft gun, make sure that you try it to see that everything is in working condition. Also, make sure that the gun is as advertised, if buying online. Ask for photographs of the gun taken from various angles. Also, make sure that the price of the gun includes shipping and if not be sure to factor in the cost of shipping as well as cost of insurance. Also, try to deal with a seller who has a reputation for being a top-rated seller.

3. Buy the whole thing:

If the Airsoft gun is tuned, make sure that you ask the seller for the original parts as well as spare parts. And, don’t forget to get the original box and manual. There are several things that you will need to get including a small charge, an extra battery, and make sure that you also buy a tight bore barrel as well as at least one extra magazine.

4. War area:

Look at the war you're team is reenacting. If they go for the Vietnam war the weapons used are different than those used in Afghanistan. Choose the airsoft gun that works well with the war area in which you will be operating. If you plan on operating in Vietnam then choose an entirely different gun than if you were planning on operating in Afghanistan.

5. Type soldier:

Don't by a sniper weapon if you're role is that of a mariner. If you are planning to be a sniper or designated marksman or markswoman then you will require a highly accurate gun if however, you plan on being a soldier or gunner then you need a gun that can lay down a quick wall of plastic. The good news is that you can buy more than one type of airsoft gun to suit your role.

6. Type action:

CQB (Close Quarters Battle) vs. Field (Pretty much anything that isn't close quarters)

When choosing your gun, you need to make sure that it is suitable for a particular environment in which you will be playing. CQBs are ideal for normal indoor fields with limited space for engagement with your target. These CQBs have a lower FPS limit. Also, remember that for CQB you need more maneuverability. Also, in a CQB situation you need an AEG rifle that is both compact as well as light in weight as that allows for greater agility.

Shorter barrel and stock lengths are typical of CQB environments. Longer barrels and stocks are typical of field environments. If you're just starting out you probably don't know whether you want short or long. My best advice to you would be to buy a standard length Airsoft Gun. If you wish to modify it later on It's not horribly expensive, plus you can sell your unused parts for money.

7. Do a maintenance:

You never know what has happened with a weapon with the previous owner. There can still be some small pieces of BBs still inside the barrel of dust can be in the engine. Before first use, go to your local gun smith or perform itself, but to a good maintenance job on it.

8. Never trust the BBs:

Never trust the BBs the seller gives with the gun. Every opened bag can contain a mix of BBs from different weights and brands. 

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9. Watch out with the paintjob:

if the paintjob is bad then this is a sure sign that the gun is of bad quality. In fact, it should make you suspect that not only has the gun not been maintained properly but it may point to something that is seriously wrong with the gun. 

10. If it is not possible for you to open and check the internals of the gun then you need to pay close attention to the state of the bolts and nuts. If all of the paint has been removed, it shows that the gun has undergone high maintenance work. It also shows that the gun was not maintained properly.

11. Compatibility:

Besides Tokyo Marui Compatibility, there are different models that take different magazines. For example, I have an airsoft M4. My (Tokyo Marui compatible) M4 is able to share magazines with other M4's like the SCAR-L, the L85, the M249, and other guns. It is not possible to share magazines with the AK47 or the G36 without physically modifying them. (The good news is that there are certain companies that are making conversion kits that allow you to use M4 magazines) to accept only M4 magazines and no other. This is a major determining factor perhaps not in the beginning, but it does matter as soon as you start playing the sport and when it involves not just 2 vs. 2 but turns to 15 vs. 15. 

If you buy an AEG, it can be cheaper if you can reuse the same batteries, so keep the battery type used in mind

12. Weight:

Everybody loves the durability of metal bodied airsoft guns (as opposed to plastic bodies), but metal is heavy. Let's say for example, a metal body can weigh 7 pounds and that means that the body is going to get very heavy after a long day of playing especially when it is hot outside. Many AEG's that use plastic bodies and they use high quality plastics/ABS/and possibly Polymer. The cost of trading a plastic body with a metal one can range from fifty to one hundred dollars for the metal body airsoft gun.

13. Weapon Accessories Can Be a Bonus:

Weapon Accessories Can Be a Bonus but don't be charmed by them. Sometimes you also get tactical gear with them like glasses, if you don't need them, don't take them in consideration for the final price you want to offer

14. Upgrades:

Weapon upgrades can be a bonus but don't be charmed by them. A weapon that originally cost you €100 will end up costing you up to €250 when you upgrade it. Remember also that it is still a €100 weapon and of lower quality than a weapon that originally cost you €350. Always validate for yourself if the upgraded has an added money value and do not hesitate to ask for the original bill from the gunsmith doing the upgrade. If the gunsmith is not able to provide that, then try asking a team member who does not have any gunsmith skills to do the job to his best effort. However, keep in mind that you can’t ever be sure that he has used the correct parts and tools.

But above all, have fun and buy the look you want because you are the one that eventually has to play with it.

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