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Who Dares Wins SAS Motiverende Militaire PVC Patch groene met velcro

Who Dares Wins SAS Motiverende Militaire PVC Patch groene met velcro

[AIRSOFT / COSPLAY] Vervolledig je tactical gear met deze Who Dares Wins SAS Motiverende Militaire PVC Patch groene met velcro. [LEVENSLANGE GARANT..

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The Special Forces, as the name suggests, is a highly trained elite unit within the army that deals with unconventional, special missions. In realization of the massive role they play in making this world a safer place, our company has come up with a unique selection of Special Forces patches for you.  

Army patches are by and large used to signify the command or the unit that a soldier serves, or served with, whether abroad in combat deployments, or their garrisons. As for civilians, it is not illegal to wear such patches; as a matter of fact, some deem it as an act of respect to the forces. If you are looking for military patches of the highest quality, this is the place to be.

What makes our patches better than the regular patches? Well, for starters, we have a more extensive selection of patches from different countries. While many stores offer only local ones, our store has patches from nearly all Special Forces in the world, including the USA, Germany, France, UK, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, and so on.  

Different countries have unique army patches in terms of color, material, shape, significance, and so on, which gives our customers a variety from which to choose from. As regards to the colors, we have patches in different colors, including khaki, black, gray, green, and many more. Colors in these patches have their significance, which informs our store’s idea to provide you with a variety so you can find one that you identify with.

At Cobra Tactical Solutions, you will find different types of military patches. First, there is the embroidered army patch for jackets, hats, and vests. The embroidered patches at our store are uniquely designed using thread, with a twill base. The level of coverage is what distinguishes one embroidered patch from the other. At our store, we have all coverage amounts, that is, 50% embroidery, 75% embroidery, and 100% embroidery.

We also have woven Patches. These patches are different from embroidered ones in that they use thinner threads woven together. Also, our woven patches capture more details in a limited space than embroidered ones but fail to have the texture of the embroidered patches. This is a delicate tradeoff that our esteemed customers have to make from our varieties.

We also have PVC patches. These are generally more durable, allow for more detail, and make it possible to have three-dimensional designs. Moreover, they hold up well to mud, water, paint, and anything else smeared on them. PVC patches, however, cannot be attached using iron-on, as they would melt due to the heat

Additionally, our store provides our customers with a host of other options for these patches, for instance, Velcro, iron-on, sew-on, and tactical patches. These make them easy to attach. If you are in search of other categories of patches, we have nearly all aspects covered. Besides military patches, the store has movie patches, medical and blood type patches, engineering patches, biker patches, NASA patches, and any other profession that you may have in mind. All are available at very affordable rates.

One of the patches available in our store is the US Special Forces patch. These are gold and teal blue, with an arrowhead shape, characterizing the craft, and the stealth of the American Indians. In addition, the patch has three lightning bolts that denote the speed and the strength of the US Special Forces, as well as the three methods they infiltrate enemy territory, namely, land, air, and sea.  

We also have shoulder patches for the German Special Forces (Kommando Spezialkrafte). These patches are typically machine woven, on grey twill material. They have a distinctive diving eagle in yellow, with a black arrow, on a blue background with trim.

Our French Special Forces (Commandement Des Operations Speciales) patches, conversely, are mostly embroidered iron-on patches. We also have PVC patches mounted on Velcro hook and loop. They are mostly blue in color, with a grey bow and arrow, and grey text.

As for the Russian Special Forces (Spetsnaz) patches, they are available mostly as embroidered, hook and loop patches. They are mostly black and yellow in color, with a red star, and a grey fist clutching a gun.     

At Cobra Tactical Solutions, we are a combination of affordability, quality, and design potential.     


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