The COBRA Captain Program is always open!!

The Program

We're looking for enthusiastic creative airsoft players worldwide who are ready to share our products and have a passion for airsoft and social media and want to take on the task of being a brand ambassador for COBRA Tactical Solutions.

As an COBRA Captain you will speak about our brand and telling everyone how wonderful our products are. You'll find the opportunity to know all the cool news first, evaluate new stuff first, get benefits for you and your devotees and fans.

What benefits will you get?

You will be set up with a COBRA Ambassador approved account at that while logged in, you personaly will get 20% off of our entire collection.

But there is MORE!!

  • you’ll be the first to know all the cool news, try out new products,...
  • selected ambassadors will each receive a shipment that will contain a selection of our products for you to review, test and share with other airsoft players. We will add things like patches, caps, posters, flags, banners, glasses for you to organize a giveaway for your fans.
  • get free products as long as we cooperate. All our selected ambassadors will receive all our new products as they arrive and when they arrive, for free!
  • you will get personal discounts to share with friends, with discounts up to 15%.
  • join milsims on our behalf

WHAT makes you an COBRA Captain?

  ✔ Top COBRA enthusiasts

  ✔ Proud owner or user of COBRA products

  ✔ Happy to share what’s cool about COBRA products

  ✔ Excellent communication and networking skills

  ✔ Experienced knowledge for Airsoft

  ✔ Have at least one social media account: Instagram, FB, YouTube etc.

  ✔ MUST promote and mention COBRA Tactical Solutions AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK on social media

  ✔ Be over the age of 16

  ✔ Provide pictures/videos on social media posts utilizing and/or accompanying the COBRA Tactical Solutions products (events, accessories etc.)

  ✔ Wear minimum of one COBRA Tactical patch on each player’s kit/gear at all times.

  ✔ Add "Brand Ambassador for COBRA Tactical Solutions" or "COBRA Captain" (using #CobraTacticalSolutions when applicable) on all social media biographies

  ✔ Use these hash tags in all social media posts (pertaining specifically to airsoft posts): #CobraTacticalSolutions


  ✔ Drive traffic to the website

  ✔ Help to increase Instagram ‘Followers’ and Facebook ‘Likes’ of our official profiles

  ✔ Work to build a solid relationship between COBRA, the retailers, and the local airsoft community

  ✔ Help increasing the air soft players awareness of the COBRA brand

  ✔ Have fun spreading the COBRA story on the social networks and on the game field

  ✔ Be the face and voice of COBRA

  ✔ Communicating the COBRA brand value to players

  ✔ Creating innovative ideas and giving opinions directly to COBRA

How can i join the COBRA Captain Program?

Please read this part carefully!

1. Send your application as an COBRA Captain to

2. Go to and using the content provided in our website and on our facebook page at and our Instagram profile explain your fans what COBRA does, what can they do with such awesome products and tag us on all of your channels. If you have COBRA products on hand, make reviews or pictures with them. If you are a member of a group about Airsoft on the social networks talk about COBRA in the discussions. Add to all your activity which involves COBRA your Unique Hashtag # you included in the email (tip: make sure the hashtag is really unique and not already used). This way we will see your writing and marketing skills and measure your community reach. Don’t forget to include your Unique Hastag, otherwise we’ll not be able to find you on the web. Don’t forget to tag us to allow us to know in real time what you are doing as an Captain.

We will then review and evaluate your application. Our Ambassador spots are limited and we’ll only be choosing a select few to be a part of our Team. If you are approved for your ambassador application, you will be notified.