Special: Navy SEALs

Anytime that people think about a great selection of fierce and competent warriors, the United States Navy SEALS springs quickly to mind. The SEAL in Navy SEAL stands for Sea, Air, and Land. This primarily means that the group of fighters can go anywhere that their services are promptly needed to complete specific tasks. The US Navy SEALS have actively taken part in several conflicts across the world ever since the Second World War. It is safe to say that the SEAL has a rather long and decorated history. 

1000+ Patches online, it's time for a giveaway

1000+ Patches online, it's time for a giveaway

The different parts of the American army

What is the American military? In plain terms, the American army consists of six different branches of the military: the Air Force, the US army, the US Coast Guard, the US Marine Corps, the US Navy, and recently, the US Space Force.

Super News over 1200 products online

We have some super news to announce. We surpassed the magic limit of 1200 products online.  Isn’t that super news. And every week new super airsoft gear is added.

The last 200 new airsoft products where mainly centered around uplifting your tactical airsoft gear with police, movie and military patches but also with the creation of new products like neutralized ammunition and ammo belts.

Special: Russian Spetsnaz

The Russian Spetsnaz is a special operations force team for intelligence services that worked with the ministry of interior and the ministry of emergency situations. They divide in different branches such as the ground forces, airborne forces, Navy and Marine, and the National Guard. 

When were they founded, how hard is their training, which weapons and ammo do they use, ...

All this and more in the article

Hand grenades in airsoft

Hand grenades are one of the best accessories you can have in airsoft. They’re a perfect combination with other weapons for an effective attack. Airsoft as a sport is not as easy as a lot of people think it is. Airsoft battles are usually won with tactics and close combat which makes the hand grenades in airsoft especially important. However, not all hand grenades were created equal, some of them have different functions and effects that were meant for a specific purpose. Therefore, it’s important to identify the different grenades you can use for your next battle. 

Inert, deactivated or neutralized ammunition, what is it and what is the law saying about it?

When do we call ammunition inert, deactived or neutralized, a blank or a dummy? what is the difference? What are the conditions which must be met to deactivate a round?

What does the gunlaw of Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and French say about it?

Want to learn more, well continue on reading.

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Wij versturen alles via DPD mooi en stevig verpakt zodat het zonder schade bij u aankomt. Besteld voor 19u is de dag erna op weg met DPD. Een prijs voor al u bestellingen tot 20kg.

Op voorraad

Op voorraad betekend bij ons ook op voorraad. Je zal bij een bestelling dus niet voor verrassingen komen te staan.


Wij hebben een eigen atelier. Moest er dus iets kapot gaan kunnen we dit snel voor u herstellen. U kan op beide oren slapen